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Team Diskussion

The most artists like to stay focused on there music and performance. To transport the performance of the musician he has an idea or concept. The technical tools to get the music to all the places and people need to be found and handled, transported and maintained. This is the part where takes away load from the artist. helps to find the best equipment to support the musicians and keep the setup smart.

With the growing size of the production the crew supporting the artist on stage has to be reliable and confidental. We will find the crew you will like.

For all these requirements is creating the best bundle solution for the artist.

One of the major responsibilities and strongest skills of is the audio technologie for touring.

Trust and improvement are the milestones for working with artists on tour. Stage rehearsals, virtuell sound checks, analysing live records and the feedbacks of artists, partners and the show guests are helping to stay objective  and targeting the best sound as possible at every venue. 

If it goes to lightning, laser, staging, coaching, setup or instrumental requests we have many years of experience and  connections to find the best fitting third party service for your production.


To unload the artist shoulders, tries to filter as much information and decisions about the technical issues, away from its customer. Therefore the communication with the artist management, venues, booking agencies or other partners is a high priority for us. Different tools, provided and handled by ,helping to manage all the data. We can create standard procedures for every customer.

Technical riders, time tables, transport planing and other administrative work are a part bundle tour services.


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